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Judith Cordell Blog

Take your Beading or Lace to New Heights!

Alpine Experience


Exploring Bead Stitches

1st - 8th July 2017


Rosaline Perle Lacemaking

23rd - 30th July 2017


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Join Judith in the Alps to explore the Beadweaving stitches, or work the motifs required to assemble Rosaline Perle lace, build your skills and expertise or maybe take this opportunity to create your own designs using the beautiful surroundings as your guide.  Judith has produced a series of designs following a recent visit to the Alps.

For more information:

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Bead and Lace Creations

You'll love Judith's unique handcrafted design pieces. You'll also love her weekly beadweaving classes, currently run in Southampton and Eastleigh.

Judith is an active member of the Beadworker's Guild.

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