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Rosaline Perle lace originates from Belgium and belongs to the family of duchesse flower laces. Often thought of as the poor member of the family, Rosaline was worked with relative quickness and ease forming long swags and trails used for collars and edgings. Made up of a series of motifs, dominated by the Rose, joined with small plaits and picots and finished with fluted decorative edges.

With only 14 bobbins and no thread ends to deal with, the floral motifs can easily be adapted for use by the modern lacemaker.

Judith will guide you through the motifs building your knowledge in stages. Her design inspirations have been taken from wrought iron gates, ceramic tiles, decorative packaging, greeting cards and many other sources.



Bead and Lace Creations

You'll love Judith's unique handcrafted design pieces. You'll also love her weekly beadweaving classes, currently run in Southampton and Eastleigh.

Judith is an active member of the Beadworker's Guild.

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